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“no way, we got to do better!”

MAD2Adventures is a charity adventure event where Runners and Cyclists complete as many km’s as they can, by either running or cycling from Johannesburg to Cape Town in 8 days. 


Typically 2 events, this year #MAD2Adventure2021 was a double whammy as both sport types made their way to cape town together. MAD2Adventures is a full-time client of AdventureLife and has been since we documented the 2020 ride with style and efficiency. 


Dayle, from MAD2Adventures, challenged us to match what we did for the ride in 2020 and we said, “no ways, we gotta do better!”

Mad2 Ride Day 1 B (78 of 93).jpg


A Daily Highlight Reel

Light Social Activation

Documentary Photography - Daily Album

Honestly, 2020 was run of the mill! 2021 was the real challenge.

"Short format is in, long format is out"

In an effort to step things up and take advantage of social trends, the daily videos just wouldn’t cut it. Short format is in, long format is out and so we decided it was best to produce 4 specific shorted video each day, to fit an overall story!


Daily Deliverables

3-4 Short Format Reels

~ Designed for Instagram and Youtube Shorts ~


5-8 Story driven posts

~ With original photographs ~

A daily documentary photography album

~ Shared via Facebook and Google Drive ~

Social Media Management

~ Targeted Ads and Boosted Posts ~

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