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The Return

'Capture what Comrades means to us'

From the last 2019 Comrades to the 2022 edition, runners and clubs around the world, like the Murray & Roberts Running Club, were forced to wait 1177 days before they could toe the start line once more. Born just before Covid-19, the #blackandyellowteam had only experienced a single race as a team. After waiting so long for the event to make a comeback, M&R were ready and focused to fight for gold.

We were tasked with capturing what Comrades meant to the team and the runners who have made their passion their jobs and livelihoods.

M&R Running x Suunto Camp (276).jpg


To tell the story of the Murray and Roberts Running Club, in a short social media documentary. 

To capture team sponsors and partners in an authentic way.

To interview top runners and capture banked content for future use.

To create a unique and exciting teaser to build social hype before Comrades.

We, too, became part of the family.

The Murray and Roberts Running Club are not just a performance team, they are a family. When the bus arrived, we expected to meet a group of focused athletes... instead the bus unloaded with bellowing laughter and excitement. 

We joined in the meals (and the banter) and quickly became part of the team thanks to their welcoming and all-inclusive approach to the sport.


Short Documentary

~ Capture the spirit of the running team and share their story ~


Dedicated Sponsor Video

~ Create a unique and specific video for team partner Suunto ~

A daily documentary photography album

~ Shared via Facebook and Google Drive ~

Teaser Video

~ 2 x short reels to build excitement ~

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