I find the Discovery and the SpiderMonkey are my most used tools from PowerTraveller. They fit perfectly into my life, perhaps because of their easy and simplistic styles. What is a PowerTraveller Discovery and Spider Monkey? Well for starters, they are two different items of gear that look the same but have completely daily tasks.

The PowerTraveller Discovery is a small 3500mAh power bank. It has a smart sophisticated look to it and is again, very easy to use. The inner workings, a USB and Micro USB and its lithium polymer battery are housed in a full aluminium case. On the front you have 6 green LED lights and 1 single button on the side...

The SpiderMonkey is also a smart and sleek looking device; it too can charge your favourite devices but is not a power bank. The SpiderMonkey is a power dependable USB hub. When plugged in to a wall socket or a larger more powerful power bank can split the power coming in and share it to 4 USB ports allowing you to charge more devices from one source.

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