Running in Circles - Mnweni Marathon

Taking on the Mnweni Marathon was a big step in the right direction for me. As an Adventure Photographer, I use my youth and fitness as an advantage to advertise that I can get to places many photographers can’t. I have always believed that the real moments and magic happens where no car can get you and as far away from the start line as possible.

Looking back towards Mnweni Cultural Village

Last year I photographed the Mnweni Marathon as my first big event. It was huge for me! I knew nothing about the race including how physically demanding it was. On the day, I was sent up Rockeries Pass with Andrew Booth and Tracy Zunckel because I didn’t think I was fit enough to run up Mnweni. I paced behind a trail legend and a race organiser (both fit) for about 15km. Thankfully, Andrew had a broken toe and they didn’t run too fast. I suffered that day, but with a smile. Since then, that has been the theme to many events I have been involved in.

Later in the 2014, Andrew, of KZN Trail Running employed me to photograph and cover the 2nd Lesotho Ultra Trail and I knew my fitness wouldn’t cut it if I didn’t do some serious training. Hills became my friend for 2 months and I trained specifically for an event I didn’t enter. After months of training and getting over minor knee injuries, I took on ‘LUT’ and covered a brutal and stunning 34km of the 50km race spending 13hrs on my feet with my camera equipment on my back.

Looking back yet again!