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Photographing Team Peak Performance

They are without a doubt, the worlds most documented Adventure Racing Team. Team Peak Performance has gone from strenght to strenght, not only in races but in the content they provide for fans making them the most popular team to follow.

Just before they arrived in Africa, I was contacted and asked to be their official photographer before and during Expedition Africa - Swaziland.

Here are a few images:

Local fans from Swaziland.

^Upon arrival at our first location in Swaziland, the team needed to get dressed for the shoot. As they laid out kit, we got a few fans.

Team Peak Performance and the new Ford Ranger

^ We were gifted with a Ford Ranger for the day. I used it to chase the team as they started to train.

Adventure Life-2-4.jpg

^ Before the team head out, Navigator Staffan decides on his route of choice.

Adventure Life-43.jpg

^ Welcome to Afirca!

Adventure Life-53.jpg

Adventure Life-17.jpg

^Mikael had this grand idea of sneaky up behind a Croc. The rest of the team laughed it off.

Adventure Life-22.jpg

^ The route choosen was pretty much all uphill. Perfect to warm up the legs.

Adventure Life-25.jpg

^ The 'jeep track' led the team to a mountain biking mecha.

Adventure Life-29.jpg

^ Once at the top, the team made a final decision on the best way down.

Adventure Life-54.jpg

^ What I would deam single track, they reffered to it as a highway. I think that sums up the skill level difference.

Adventure Life-53.jpg

^ Mountainous Swaziland.

Adventure Life-59.jpg