The Adventurers Duo

I've had quite a while to test the next two products and they have quickly become some of my most used gear, I literally take them on every adventure. I decided to review these two together because I choose to use them together and they complement each other really well.

The Osprey Transporter 95

The Osprey Transporter bag is a very useful and surprisingly big bag. The one I have is a 95L, at times you believe it is the bag Nanny McPhee had wrapped around her arm. It’s a strong bag designed for hauling any type of gear to the best of locations. It includes well-constructed zips with larger pull tags for ease of use and it has an extremely well padded main hand and I’m still getting to its best features.

One of the side pockets is designed in a way that the entire bag can collapse and fold into itself. When like this, the bag is no bigger than a 2L coke bottle and has a carry handle. The other side pocket houses useful straps which reach the length of the bag. These straps allow the bag to be carried like an ordinary hiking bag. My biggest concern was how uncomfortable that would be… but Osprey has it covered. The Transporter also features compression straps which can be used to shrink the size of the bag and keep its contents in check before you throw it on your back.

Overall, it’s an awesome holiday bag and in a sense, the perfect chuck bag. Its size, massive opening and handy pockets all encourage you to chuck whatever you want into it and not worry about taking only what you need.

It’s all fine and dandy having an awesome holiday/ adventure HQ bag, but what about a bag for the day’s activities? When you go for a hike or spend the day riding a Tandem Bike along the beach or even just plan on a trip through the city, we all need a capable bag ready for anything.

The Osprey Talon 22

Out of every single day pack I have ever used (including the Rev 12) this is by far the best day bag I have ever owned. Why you ask? It has been thought out so well and is everything you need from a ‘Let’s go on an adventure!’ bag.

It features:

  • A top loading Gadget Pocket, big enough for a 7 inch Tablet, you wallet and car keys,

  • A smaller pocket with a Velcro closing inside ideal for your pocket knife, passport and spare change,

  • A large 20L main compartment ready to fit anything from gym clothes to the days food and a shell jacket,

  • An outside Shoe Slot for a change of shoes or wet/dirty clothes or ... anything really.

  • A Bicycle helmet clip for … well… your bicycle helmet,

  • And water bottle side pockets with compression straps.

It has plenty more features to boot, that make it worth the price. All with the purpose of making you feel like the Talon is the perfect bag to cycle to the base of a mountain and then hike to the top with plenty space for clothes, food and the components which can’t be chained to your bike. It’s definitely a proper adventurer’s back-pack that can be used for everything; from adventure racing to a day on the beach.

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Edited by Brad Edwards

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