Geco Cam - First Thoughts

I received the Geco Mark 2 along with a whole bunch of other gear. The first thing I did was drop everything but the Geco, just to analyse the size of it. The Geco Cam is locally designed, and made Action Cam, designed to fit on the arm of your glasses.

I learnt a lot about the device while using it for the first time out on a run and then more while reviewing the footage. The Geco Cam is super simple to use. You simply strap it to the arm of your glasses and click the only button it has. When you click the lonesome Tactile button, the cam turns on and automatically starts recording. It’s as simple as that. Once you have recorded what you want, you click the button again, its saves and then turns off.

The Geco records on 3 different qualities; 1080p/30fps, 720p/30fps and 720p/60fps. I am quite a fan of bigger frame rates and so, I decided to change the settings and sacrifice the quality for the extra 30 fps.

The device has a 100° view angle. I took advantage of this by not aiming the device properly on my Oakley Fast Jackets and ended up with skew footage.

Running with action cam mounted to the arm of my glasses was a real experience. I thought the sunglasses would bounce around, but they didn’t. I did find that with enough sweat and a big enough downhill my glasses started sliding off my face. But still no major shake or notice of the device.

Looking back at the footage, trail running isn’t the best sport to test the device; the bouncing about and trail scouting does make for shaky footage.

I love the concept of this device and I'm super stoked to see what more I can do with it on upcoming adventures.

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