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Crazy Store Magalies Challenge 15'

The Crazy Store Magalies Challenge hosted by Energy Events SA is one of the toughest races advertised in Gauteng. +- 500 trail runners of the total 1200 participants entered the 36km mountain run which includes a tough section along Magaliesberg Escarpment in the North West Province. For the first year ever, Energy Events added in a 50km route which only 40 souls dared to brave.

Here are our favourite images from both the 36k and 50k.


^The iconic Magaliesberg Escarpment spans between Pretoria and Rustenburg.

^Incredible Ridge Line Running.

^The crazy staff make sure you can find them when you need them most.

^A new ridge line open only to those who took on the 50km challenge.

^Another Hill? Ag no man!

^The 35km runners trek very close to the edge… to close for some.

^Back of the pack and as happy as can be. Mountains make us cheerful.

^Bruce Arnett takes off to fight for 2nd place with only 8km to go.

^Some 500 runners make way for the Magaliesberg.

^The days mode(s) of transport.

Join in the conversation and let us know what your favourite image is by commenting below.

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