The Tuis (Two-eese)

The Tuis (Two-eese)

The Outdoor Tech brand is growing on me at a rapid rate. Ignore the fact that I'm obsessed with gear, these products have more to offer than just being awesome gadgets. Their ease of use, connectivity and quality are something to brag about.

A while back, I reviewed an awesome product known as the Turtle Shell, a speaker for the masses as the center of the party or adventure. Today, we look at something a lot more personal – The Outdoor Tech Tuis (pronounced “two-eese”).

The Tuis is a premium product from Outdoor Tech, their ‘highest valued’ product if you will. Headphones (over the head) set to provide an escape for the long journey to and from any adventure.

When opening the box, you immediately see a similar style packaging same as the Turtle Shell 2.0; Outdoor Tech displays quality and product worth throughout their branding and actual products.

The Tuis comes pre charged and is ready to blare music into you skull from the get go. A simple and fast pairing system, guided by a 4 step ‘How To’ card, makes it super easy to connect to any music device. If you know the Outdoor Tech products, it pairs just like any other.

The headphones are well built and feel great in the hands. When you wear them, they are light and you barely notice them except for when you bend over to pick up something off the floor. The smooth grippy, plastic has a soft but sturdy feel to it. The cushioning is covered with real leather along with the speakers making them look super classy and feel amazing. The Tuis feel like they are cuddling your head when they are on, something I like.

The sound is brilliant, typical of Outdoor Tech standards. The volume is outstanding and if on full will give you earache in 30min or less.

They really are the idea set of head phones if you just want to put some tunes on and disappear into your own world. They look classy, sound great, feel amazing and do the job.

The only con, is they that at times they feel like they are going to fall off you head when you lead in a direction possibly not enough spring in the head band? I don’t think this is a big issue, it’s not like you are going to use them while playing a sport. Outdoor Tech makes specific head/ear phones for that. These just help get you in the moment before something big!

Additional things I really like:

  • You can control you music from the headphones. On the outside of the right speaker you have a number of controls allowing you adjust volume, switch track and pause.

  • The have a mic built in meaning you can use the speakers as a headset for calls too.

  • They fold up and become half the size and fit snuggly into a carry case that comes with them.

If you haven’t started to explore the Outdoor Tech range, you better start now.

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