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KeyHealth Nevarest - No Obstacle Too Big

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Greg Avierinos - Warrior 1 2017 | ©TerenceVrugtman

This weekend, AdventureLife jumped on the ever-growing Warrior Race “Hype-Train”.

Commissioned to shoot & share live images of KeyHealth Nevarest Team, AL Shooter Terence Vrugtman returned to the Toyota Warrior Race Powered by Rebook for the first time since before it had a headline sponsor.

Much has changed since the last time Terence was at a Warrior Race. The obstacles have become more demanding and the level of competition has developed from a pre school karate fight to a full on Goku vs. Vegeta at Super Saiyan 4 throw-down.

From our observations, KeyHealth Nevarest team of super young athletes seems to be the main protagonists in this level-up game; aspiring to be the best.

When Terence last ran Warrior, he placed 10th in Black-Ops forming part of the small field of ‘elites’ (there is no comparison to the caliber today’s competitors) and did the 18km odd course with 22 Obstacles in 2h30.

Todays competitors, specifically KeyHealth Nevarest Team, have stepped up and are not only fast, but they seem to double the endurance. Nevarest team captain, Greg Avierinos is a prime example of the extent of which athletes have developed and where this sport will be going in the future.

Greg (22yrs Old) ran the Black-Ops Elite race, a 15km trail run with 31 Obstacles, in an astonishing 1h46min placing 3rd overall, only 1minute behind 2nd and 2 minutes behind 1st. Normally, Black-Ops is enough exercise for 1 day.

2 Hours later Greg took part in the first ever spring series, a new feature for Warrior. The course is only 500m long but features 10 faster styles obstacles that need to be completed without failure before the fast approaching finish line. From start to finish, Greg ran the sprint course 4 times, setting the fastest qualifier at 2min23sec and then winning the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and winning the final; setting the first course record in the process at 2 minutes dead.

All of this is quite something, however I still need to emphasize the greatness of it all. Greg ran: 2km with 40 obstacles in a combined time of less than 9 minutes. Let that sink in. Like, that’s 4.30minutes a km with 20 obstacles???? After Black-ops Elite????

Greg aside, the entire KeyHealth Nevarest Team is a collective dominant party. They took a total of 9 podiums this weekend, 5 first places and some of the team aren’t even out of school!

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