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Skylight Caves in Paradise

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

You never know what could be hiding around the corner! While on Rodrigues, a tiny paradise island 600km east of Mauritius, we were looking for caves but expecting nothing quite like the one we had stumbled upon.

Exploring with Kinetic Events Africa for an Expedition length adventure race on Rodrigues, we hiked to the south east corner of the island where we heard there were a number of caves. Unfortunately we didn't have access or exact locations but we just needed to know if there were caves in the area, not necessarily be in the caves ourselves. Simon, the videographer of the team wasn't at all happy with snippets of a cave entrance, he insisted we explored further just to get that better photo.

After about 20 minutes and a fair amount of bush wacking we found this stunning skylight cave no more than 30m from the car parking lot!

Apparently, Rodrigues has over 4km of caves beneath the island, some stretching into the ocean below the reefs. Explorers and locals who stayed on the island used to take shelter in the caves during massive storms.

Photos: Terence Vrugtman

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