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MTB and Road Set-up

Why is it recommended that you get both your mountain bike and road bike set up professionally?

Whether you ride a tri-bike, mountain bike, road bike, tandem bike or anything with two wheels that go around and around, let's face it, the setup is entirely different. The only dimension that stays the same, well, at least we hope, is you!

Building cycling-specific solid movement patterns, as well as balancing out the repetitive cycling motion, can impact how your body feels when riding your bike as well as off the bike. After all, any additional energy going into sitting on the bike uncomfortable is wasted watts! This makes it even more important to make sure each bike is set up just for your body. Having a professional bike fitting at Cycle Fit will give you the gift of learning corrective body awareness for you on your bike. This re-education can prevent injury, increase mobility, allow for better core strength and give you good and comfortable cycling posture when on the bike. All you need to do is enjoy the process with a good cup of coffee while our experts set your bike up. We take into consideration your individual needs, bodily imbalances, previous injuries and current discomforts. In addition to this, you will receive an electronic measurement chart and a video clip of the dimensions of your bike set up before and afterwards to ensure you are empowered to keep your bike in one piece.

Although the whole body is used when cycling, one way or another, certain muscles certainly work harder when riding your different bikes. As a cyclist, you can find your dominant muscles, including quadriceps, hamstrings in the upper leg, gastrocnemius and soleus in the calf, neck, shoulders, tibialis anterior and posterior, adductors and lateral flexor stabilisers. You will be set up more aggressively (closer to the bike and the ground!) to typically be more aerodynamic. Your lower back and neck take more load, which can ultimately mean more discomfort if you are not in good alignment. On your mountain bike, you are typically sitting more upright, and your upper body and arms are required to do more work than your road bike. This requires two completely different setups.

If these muscles are not in balance with the rest of the body or the bike is not set up correctly and comfortably, or the muscles are not working efficiently, injuries can occur. The correct setup allows you to engage your core better, which provides better stability and balance.

Having each of your bikes set up for you will not only allow you to recover better, but will also improve balance, prevent injury, and give you a more efficient pedal stroke. This results in making you more comfortable and, of course, a faster rider.

So, where can you sign up? Follow our link below to book a bicycle set up an appointment. You won't regret it.

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