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Welcome to King’s Landing

Last weekend, Iron Throne Trail Park opened their very first outdoor sport climbing crag. Thomas van Tonder, who is one of the trail park’s locals, saw the potential of the rock and almost immediately put the crag development in motion.

With the help of Iron Throne, City Rock and Fischer Fixings, thirteen new sport routes have opened at the new crag which has been named, King’s Landing. Fairly appropriate considering the name of the park!

This past weekend was the launch, and what an awesome turnout. Many Joburg climbers were stoked to have a crag that was much closer to home. Yet once they arrived there, they quickly learned that this will be a winter crag! Not that that is a bad thing, you don’t generally want to be melting on an outdoor climbing day.

King’s Landing is a great introduction to outdoor climbing as it has the perfect range of beginner to intermediate routes (grades 9 to 23). Regardless of an introductory crag, you must be aware that the walk-in is a solid warm-up for your day of outdoor climbing. If you do head there on warmer days, remember to bring lots of water! If you feel like avoiding the walk-in, there are always cable cars that will then allow you to abseil down to the start of the crag! Give yourself that James Bond epic-ness with an awesome view!

The view! Something you must appreciate when you get your head above the trees. On launch weekend, one of the climbers was very happy to take a call whilst in the shade, at the top of a route. The great thing about this crag is that, for beginners, you feel no pressure and there are more than enough routes for you to develop your skills and spend an awesome day out with mates!

One extra antidote that makes King’s Landing a stress-free crag is the fact that the routes have perma-draws! What could make your climbing day easier?

We are happy to have Iron Throne as one of South Africa’s newest outdoor climbing crags and we look forward to visiting you again and for the development of new routes in the future.

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