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Suunto 5 Peak

'It's not about the time you start or the distance you go.'

The new Suunto 5 Peak helps you to take the first step and keep on moving.

This lightweight GPS watch equips you with easy-to-use sport and outdoor features, great battery life and music controls. It also tracks your sleep and daily well-being.

Made in Finland. Made for you to stay active.

Our goal was to create a simple online social media campaign with the support of an athlete who believes in more than what a watch can give you. 

Suunto5Peak Nicolette (33).jpg


Create a feature that inspires people to do more and live more in the moment and less by the stats or social expectations.

Combine athleticism with clean and simple frames in both film and stills. 

Dedication to craft

We shot this campaign in mid-winter, on the exposed ridgeline of the Harties Cable Way. On this particular morning, the wind was pumping and any uncovered skin instantly turned a pale blue from the icy temps.

Nicolette and our team braved the cold to create something natural and authentic to the mountains, and the experience.


Social Feature

~ 45-second feature on the relationship between Nicolette and the watch ~


Key Imagery

~ Used for Web, Mailers, Social Media and Print ~

Bumper Video

~ 15-second feature bumper that can be used for Reels, Stories and a boosted campaign ~

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