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About this privacy policy

This privacy policy explains how we (AdventureLife Media Services (PTY) Ltd) and our affiliated companies, including Damn Good Lemonade (PTY) Ltd, Harties Trail Experience (PTY) Ltd, and Karkloof 100 Miler (PTY) Ltd, collectively referred to as "we," "our," or "us," collect, use, share, and transfer your personal data when you use the services provided on,,, and (“our sites”) and our related mobile applications (“our apps”).


Personal data is any information about you by which you can be identified. This can include information such as:


your name, date of birth, email address, postal address, phone number, mobile number;

debit card details;

information about your device (such as the IP address, which is a numerical code to identify your device that can provide information about the country, region, or city where you are based); and

information relating to your circumstances and how you use our sites, apps, and services.

Sometimes our sites and apps may contain links to third-party sites and services. These sites and services have privacy policies. If you follow a link to a third party, you should read the privacy policy shown on their site.


Who we are and how to contact us

The data controllers for our sites and apps are AdventureLife Media Services (PTY) Ltd, Damn Good Lemonade (PTY) Ltd, Harties Trail Experience (PTY) Ltd, and Karkloof 100 Miler (PTY) Ltd, all based in Johannesburg, South Africa. This means that we collectively are responsible for deciding how and why we hold and use your data. If you want to contact us, you can find our contact details in the “How to contact us” section below.


What personal data we collect and how we use it

We collect personal data when you sign up for our services and when you browse our sites or use our apps. This information is used to provide our journalism and other services, display advertising, and analyze how visitors use our sites or apps.


The personal data we collect when you register for an AdventureLife account


When individuals register for an AdventureLife account on,,, and, the following information is collected:



Email address

Limited data from social media profile (details elaborated below), if signing in via social media credentials

Photograph (if added to the profile page)

Optional username for posting content or comments

Upon registration, each user is assigned a unique ID number, enabling recognition when signed into our services across devices or platforms.


While using our sites or apps, we may employ cookies or similar technology for additional data collection, including:

IP address, indicating device and location (country, region, city)

Browsing history on our sites, including referrals from external sources

Device specifics like unique device ID, advertising ID, and browser information

Certain services, such as Professional Networks, might request additional preferences to personalize user experiences. Membership or subscription sign-ups may necessitate providing further details like address information.


We assure you that we do not gather sensitive data categories (race, political beliefs, religion, health, sexual orientation) unless users willingly provide such details.


Using social media credentials for AdventureLife account access:

Signing in through Facebook credentials permits the sharing of email address and specific Facebook profile aspects, if public. This encompasses first and last name, age range, link to Facebook profile, and profile picture. We do not access subsequent Facebook profile updates. Similarly, Google login grants access to public Google profile data, including first and last name, email address (validated status), age range, link to Google profile, and profile picture (if applicable).


This information is employed to create an AdventureLife account profile. Removal of AdventureLife app permissions from Facebook or Google settings restricts access to shared data. Nonetheless, information received upon initial setup using Facebook or Google credentials remains accessible to us.


Posting comments on our sites

When you post information on a discussion board or publicly comment on an article across our sites – including,,, and – both the information you share and your chosen username become publicly accessible. Please be aware that this content can be viewed and collected by others, and we cannot assume responsibility for their subsequent use of such information. We strongly advise against disclosing personal details, particularly those that directly identify you (e.g., name, age, address, employer) when participating in discussions. We cannot guarantee the privacy of any identifiable data you publish within our online community or other public sections of our sites.


Using our apps

The AdventureLife app utilizes data concerning the content you've engaged with. A record of recently viewed articles is stored locally on your mobile device. This reading history can be deleted within the app's settings. We also receive data on your app interactions, as well as information about bugs and crashes. If you opt for notifications, you can receive them on your mobile device through the app. Notification preferences can be managed within the app's settings.


How we collect personal data


We gather your personal data through various means, such as:


Becoming a supporter or registering for an account on,,, and

Contributing to fund and support the Guardian.

Completing payments for subscriptions, products, or services.

Participating in our events.

Entering competitions and responding to surveys.

Subscribing to our editorial emails.

Engaging in our online community by posting content.

Signing up for marketing communications.

Accessing our content through mobile devices.

Using our sites, facilitated by cookies and similar technology.

Contacting us via email, social media, apps, or similar channels, including mentions on social media.

Why we use your data


We utilize the personal data collected from our sites and apps for various purposes, including but not limited to:


Providing the services you've enrolled in, such as distributing subscriptions. Additionally, we employ this data for internal administrative tasks, like accounting and records, as well as to keep you informed about any service changes.

Sending marketing communications with your consent or as allowed by law.

Personalizing our services, like enabling sign-ins and displaying tailored advertisements. We gauge the effectiveness of online ads and remember your preferences across devices. Our marketing communications are also adjusted based on your reading habits.

Conducting marketing analysis: We examine your site and app interactions, as well as your purchases (including activities on other platforms like AdventureLife Jobs), to comprehend your preferences and interests. This helps us enhance marketing relevance. If desired, you can opt-out of using your data for marketing analysis by adjusting the settings in your account's "Emails and marketing" section.

Improving marketing communications: We utilize technology akin to cookies to determine whether marketing emails have been opened or if links within have been clicked.


To sell advertising space on our sites, our journalism's funding has long relied on advertising, which began with the inaugural edition of AdventureLife in 2012. In contemporary times, digital advertising substantially supports our investments in top-tier journalism. To delve into our advertising standards, kindly follow this link.


We also employ collected data for various purposes, including:


Statistical analysis for gauging the performance of our sites and apps, and comprehending visitor usage patterns.

Addressing your inquiries and resolving complaints.

Upholding security and fraud prevention, thereby ensuring that our sites and apps remain secure and align with our terms of use.

Complying with relevant laws and regulations.

Access Permissions for AdventureLife App Users


When you utilize the AdventureLife app, we request certain permissions to access specific functionalities of your mobile device:


For the Android version, we seek permission to access your contact details/profile on your mobile device, facilitating the addition or location of your AdventureLife account on your phone. We also seek permission to access your device's storage, allowing you to store content and read it offline.

For the iOS version, we request permission to save images to your photo library, permitting the saving of pictures from our articles on your mobile device.

Legal Basis for Data Usage


We process your data based on legal grounds, including but not limited to:


Performing a contract: Utilizing your data to deliver the services you've signed up for.

Consent: Operating under your explicit consent to process certain data.

Legitimate interests: Utilizing your data when it aligns with our legitimate interests and doesn't infringe upon your rights.

Legal obligations: Processing data as required to comply with laws and regulations.



We solely employ your data when a legal basis is present, determined by the purposes for which we've collected and utilized your information. Each case is founded on one of the following legal grounds:


Consent: This applies when you've explicitly consented to receiving marketing emails from us. You retain the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Regarding marketing emails, withdrawal can be accomplished by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the email's bottom or through your email preferences in the “emails and marketing” tab within your AdventureLife account.


Legitimate Interests: This legal basis pertains to understanding our readers, promoting our services, and operating our sites and apps efficiently for generating, publishing, and distributing news, media, and associated journalistic content globally, both online and in print. For instance, our legitimate interests come into play when we analyze viewed content on our sites and apps to comprehend their usage. Employing legitimate interests, we also conduct marketing analysis to identify relevant products and services for reader interests. You can choose to exclude your data from marketing analysis by adjusting your preferences in the “emails and marketing” tab within your account.


Performance of a Contract: This legal basis comes into play when you've purchased a subscription, requiring us to use your contact details and payment information to process your order and deliver the subscription. It applies when there's a contract between you and us, or steps are being taken prior to forming a contract.


Compliance with Law: In some scenarios, legal obligations necessitate the use or retention of your data.


Updating Your Data and Profile Page on Our Sites


Upon registering an account on, you gain access to a profile page. Within the “edit profile” section, you can:


Review information displayed publicly when you comment on articles or if people view your profile.

  • Update your information.

  • Add supplementary details if desired.



You can also adjust your marketing preferences in the “Emails and marketing” tab within your account.


Personal Data from Other Organizations and Data Combination


Upon registering for our services, we may enhance the personal data you've provided by combining it with information shared by other reputable organizations. This could include details about your geographical location, allowing us to display subscription or product prices in your local currency. Additionally, we might add data to improve address accuracy for mail deliveries. Information from partners whose offers are included in our marketing communications may also be utilized to prevent sending irrelevant marketing messages.


We leverage the content you've engaged with on our sites and apps, along with your interaction patterns, to categorize you into groups with similar interests and preferences. This enables us to tailor online advertising more effectively. Occasionally, data about your online interests or demographics collected by third parties may be incorporated into these groups. Further insight into our use of cookies can be found in our cookies policy.


Information Shared by Event Partners


When you register or purchase tickets for an AdventureLife event organized by a partner, your registration details may be shared with us by the event partner.


Usage of Children’s Data


Our products and services are not primarily aimed at children under 13, and we consciously refrain from knowingly collecting personal data about children under 13. Some services may have stricter age limitations, which will be indicated during the registration process.


Security of Your Data


We have implemented suitable technical and organizational measures to safeguard your data against unauthorized processing and unintentional loss, damage, or destruction. When asked to create a password for accessing parts of our sites or apps, it's your responsibility to select a secure password. Keep this password confidential, and ensure it's distinct from passwords used on other platforms. Do not share your password with anyone, including our staff. While we strive to protect your data once it's with us, transmitting information over the internet isn't entirely secure. Although we take steps to ensure security, any personal data sent to our site while in transit is provided at your own risk.


Who We Share Your Data With


Depending on your location, we might share your data with the AdventureLife group of companies, presently based in the Netherlands. For instance, if you book an event in the Netherlands, initially, we might store your data on our UK systems and then share it with AdventureLife in Australia for administrative purposes.


If you attend one of our events hosted by a partner, your data might be shared with that partner for event administration.


Occasionally, we might receive a letter, email, or another communication from you that we consider significant to Guardian's history. In such cases, we might share it with the AdventureLife Archive run by the AdventureLife Foundation for historical and archiving purposes.


We do not share your data with external entities not directly associated with us, except under the following circumstances:


With organizations that provide services on our behalf, such as handling online payments and payment processing (e.g., credit card transactions) and preventing fraud.

With advertising partners, as outlined in the Online Advertising section.

Disclosure to law enforcement, courts, regulators, government authorities, or other organizations if legally required, or to safeguard our rights or the rights of others.

Sharing with organizations that acquire all or a substantial portion of our assets and business. In such cases, we strive to ensure the recipient adheres to our privacy policy.

Organizations accessing your data while providing services on our behalf are contractually bound to stringent restrictions to ensure data protection and compliance with relevant privacy laws. We might independently audit these service providers for adherence.

We will not share your data for third-party marketing unless you grant permission.


Please review the revised snippet to ensure it aligns with your requirements. Should you need further modifications or have additional requests, feel free to let me know!


Webpage Social Plug-ins

Certain webpages incorporate social plug-ins from external organizations, such as Facebook's "Recommend" function, Twitter's retweet feature, and Google+ functions. These external entities may receive and utilize personal data regarding your site or app visit. If you browse our site or view content on our apps, the data they collect could be linked to your account on their respective platforms. To understand more about these organizations' utilization of personal data, kindly refer to their respective privacy policies.


International Data Transfers

Data we gather might be transferred, stored, and processed in any country or territory where one or more AdventureLife group companies or service providers are based or operate. While certain regions may not uphold the same data protection standards as your home country, we will maintain the safeguarding of transferred personal data, aligned with this privacy policy.


For data transfers outside the European Economic Area (EEA), we ensure comparable protection through one or more of these measures:

Transferring data solely to countries deemed to provide adequate personal data protection.

Employing approved contracts with service providers situated outside the EEA, which grant your data equivalent protection as within the EEA.

Transferring personal data to US-based service providers compliant with the Privacy Shield scheme, ensuring a level of data protection akin to EEA requirements.

If you're located within the EEA, you can request details regarding safeguards implemented for your data's transfer outside the EEA.


Data Retention Duration

We retain your data only as long as required. The duration hinges on the purpose for which it's used, as explained in this privacy policy. For instance, personal data may be kept while you continue to use our products or services, possibly to address your inquiries. Accounting requirements, like subscription purchases, may also mandate data retention. Once data is no longer needed, we either delete it or anonymize it by eliminating identifying details. If we've sought your consent and have no other legal grounds for ongoing processing, and you withdraw consent, we will delete your data. However, when you unsubscribe from marketing communications, we retain your email address to prevent future marketing transmissions.


Contacting You


Service Communications:

Occasionally, we may send you service-related emails, such as notifications about your expiring subscription or expressing gratitude for your contributions or orders.


Marketing Communications and Editorial Newsletters:

With your consent, we may deliver content we believe will interest you, such as AdventureLife offers and updates. Communication could occur via email, phone, SMS, or post.


You can manage editorial newsletter subscriptions through your profile page while signed into your AdventureLife account. To opt-out of such emails, you can "unsubscribe" by clicking a link in the email or adjusting preferences in the "Emails and marketing" tab of your account.


Market Research:

Market research initiatives may involve contacting you, e.g., via surveys. You can decline such contact by modifying your preferences in the "Emails and marketing" tab of your AdventureLife account.


Query and Complaint Responses:

In addressing queries or complaints, we may reach out to provide resolution or answers.


Cookies and Similar Technology:

While using our sites or apps, we may automatically gather personal data from you using cookies or akin technology. Cookies are small files that enable us to recognize and remember you.


This privacy policy encompasses our cookie policy, outlining key advertising partners' details.


Online Advertising:

Personalized online advertising is employed on our sites. This entails delivering pertinent ads to those visiting, driven by browsing patterns and interactions with our platforms. Editorial content isn't influenced by advertising; our journalists are independent in challenging advertisers. When you browse our sites or apps, some cookies and similar technology placed on your device are for advertising purposes. These help us understand your interests, enabling us to present relevant ads based on your activity. While we don't share personal details like your name, email, postal address, or phone number for personalized online advertising with third parties, we might share online data collected via cookies with advertising partners. This could lead to advertisements matching your interests appearing on other sites, based on your activity on our platform.


Online Retargeting:

This form of advertising allows us and some partners to show ads aligned with your browsing behavior beyond our sites. For example, if you visited an online clothing store's website, you might subsequently encounter ads from that same store, featuring products you viewed.


Advertising for Our Products and Services:

We also use personalized online advertising to promote our offerings, possibly appearing on our platforms or third-party sites, including social media.


Your Data Rights

You can contact us regarding the following rights concerning your data:


  • Request a copy of your personal data or rectify incorrect information.

  • Withdraw consent where given.

  • Obtain a machine-readable copy of your data.

  • Request data deletion or restricted usage.

  • Object to data processing for specific purposes.

  • Modify settings in the "Emails and marketing" tab of your AdventureLife account to exclude data from marketing analysis.

  • Requests can be directed to We may require specific details to verify your identity.


Contact Us for Data Use Information


For inquiries about data usage or concerns, contact the Data Protection Officer at AdventureLife Media Services (PTY) Ltd, Johannesburg, South Africa, or email Complaints will be managed by the Data Protection Manager and addressed within 30 days. Unsatisfactory resolutions can be escalated to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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