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Thrombi X Fest '15

Thrombi was a new challenge. Taking on a event that is outside of what Adventure life normally does always has it pros and cons. While I love a challenge, I hate under preforming and shooting a event that I am not familiar with can easily lead to under preforming. To help put my concerns at ease, I spent a great a fair amount of time the day before scouting both the River and Trail Run.

In the end it all worked out great! I even got to kayak a section of the beautiful UMzimkhulu River.

Thrombi XFest is held in the small, quaint little town called Underberg in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. The kayaking festival is different to most; instead of racing on a time basis, kayakers are sent out in batches in a head to head race to make it into the next round and eventually the final.

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