Water levels hold steady for Thrombi X Fest

Images: ©TerenceVrugtman.com

Many thought the ‘Thrombi’ wouldn’t even start given the amount of rain we have had throughout the summer. Despite a back up plan organized by event director, Luke Longridge, the countries best kayakers prayed for rain and thankfully got it.

Shannon Mast- ©Terence Vrugtman

Thrombi X Fest, a white water kayaking festival on the UMzimkhulu went on without a hitch, plenty water and turned out to be a cracker of an event. What makes Thrombi so special is its unique Head-to-head racing style. In most kayaking events, kayakers are timed over a section of rapids and fastest person wins. At Thrombi, it’s a full on race, which often involves kayaking over your friends to get to the finish first.

Tricky rapids, groups of 8 and the drive to cross the line first make this kayaking event the most spectator friendly. 3 main rapids known as Tonsillitis, Slot Machine and Super Tubes each have different features to make sure kayakers stay at the top of their game.