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Water levels hold steady for Thrombi X Fest

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Many thought the ‘Thrombi’ wouldn’t even start given the amount of rain we have had throughout the summer. Despite a back up plan organized by event director, Luke Longridge, the countries best kayakers prayed for rain and thankfully got it.

Thrombi X Fest, a white water kayaking festival on the UMzimkhulu went on without a hitch, plenty water and turned out to be a cracker of an event. What makes Thrombi so special is its unique Head-to-head racing style. In most kayaking events, kayakers are timed over a section of rapids and fastest person wins. At Thrombi, it’s a full on race, which often involves kayaking over your friends to get to the finish first.

Tricky rapids, groups of 8 and the drive to cross the line first make this kayaking event the most spectator friendly. 3 main rapids known as Tonsillitis, Slot Machine and Super Tubes each have different features to make sure kayakers stay at the top of their game.

Over 30 kayakers battled it out for the Thrombi X Fest title and the first win in a National Kayaking Cup, which will have additional races later in the year. In the end Philip ‘Mr. Parys’ Classens took the over all win after paddling the section a total of 4 times.

On the day Red Paddle Co supplied a few demo inflatable SUP for a less serious white water Stand Up Paddle race. After 3 heats, Johan Swart hotly contested the final. In the end Philip Classens again took the win by a short meter.

After a raucous days paddling, kayakers put the racing aside and tripped the rest of the technical river down to Thrombi Falls for a good hour of waterfall hucking. *Show Bear Claw

Shout out to Thule, Red Bull ZA and TomTom ZA for supporting a fast growing event.

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