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This is our world! - AR

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Adventure Racing has always been my main photography passion. The idea of suffering as much as the participants while capturing their story has been an addiction for some time and there aren't many events that fulfil my lust for adventure and suffering.

Simon Faragher, 1 half of the Videography team for Kinetic Events just dropped a rad little edit.

Its special to me because I've been involved in these events of this video one way or another. Each scene brings back incredible memories.

Races shown and how I was involved.

Expedition Africa 2015 Swaziland - Photographer for Peak Performance.

Expedition Africa 2016 Knysna - Photographer for Painted Wolf.

Full Moon Magoebaskloof - Photographer

Expedition India 2016 - Photographer

Expedition Africa 2017 Baviaans - Participant

Expedition India 2017 - Photographer

Rodrigues Scouting 2018 - Photographer

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