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North India Tibetan Temple

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Temple village in Indian Himalayas - Terence Vrugtman

Struggling to stay awake in the peaks of the Leh valley just north of Delhi in the Indian Himalayas, it was our third consecutive 20hr day, working at the 1st Himalayan Adventure.

We were scouting for the last expedition team to arrive at the finish.

On the final night of this fast paced, high altitude race, we were expecting a local Indian team who was new to adventure racing, when the sun started to set and an opportunity presented itself to shoot what I liked to call a Microsoft desktop photograph.

Sitting on the southern side of the Indus River in the Indus Valley we set up waiting for the light to be just perfect.

Scouting for final team - Terence Vrugtman

The inhabitants of this Temple are originally Dards from Indo-Aryan ethnicity. Yes, we are in India, but as you travel north from the Dehli the culture changes from Hindi to Islam and eventually to Tibetan. People who have migrated to Tibet introduced their own religious traditions and culture here. The Tibetan population lives mostly in the central part of Ladakh.

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