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NatGeo - Adventure of the Year 2018

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Capturing the wonders in adventure is what we are all about. These group of amazing people inspire us here at Adventure Life. Showcasing some of the worlds best Adventurers for 2018, here is a top list chosen by National Geographic.

The World’s Greatest Free-Solo Climber Isn’t Interested in Adrenaline

Alex Honnold completed the first-ever ascent of El Capitan without ropes or support, but he's just in it for the sport.

These Wildlife Photographers are Merging Storytelling and Science

Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen are working to create and protect healthy oceans through powerful imagery.

Wave Riding Meets Conservation at This Surfer's Global Nonprofit

Emi Koch is bringing surfing to children around the world in an effort to empower coastal communities.

This Mountain Runner Scaled Everest Twice in Under a Week

Fueled by a love of the mountains and a drive to push his physical limits, Kilian Jornet achieved what no other mountain runner has before—two Everest summits without oxygen in about five days.

This Self-Taught Nepali Mountain Biker Might Be Asia's Fastest

Rajesh Magar started racing on a “Franken-bike” he built himself. Now he’s one of Asia’s top mountain bikers, poised to make a name on the world stage.

This Ultramarathon Runner is Redefining What an Athlete Looks Like

Mirna Valerio thinks everyone deserves to explore the outdoors in the bodies they have.

This Ski Mountaineer Found Redemption on India's Peak of Evil

After obsessing over Papsura for years and failing to reach its peak on her first attempt, Hilaree Nelson O'Neill has finally worked her way to the top.

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