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Karkloof100 Enters New Era

Johannesburg, South Africa

Karkloof Enters New Era
Terence Vrugtman

The Karkloof 100 enters a new era as it changes ownership from the last of the founders, Andrew and Lauren Booth, following its purchase by Terence Vrugtman. In 2017, KZN Trail Running and TrailLab entered a joint venture to start the 100 Mile Endurance foot race. Since then, it has become a popular trail institution and a must-attend event on the South African calendar.

After years of involvement as a media supplier, Terence, the founder of AdventureLife Media Services, has taken on a new role as the owner of Karkloof 100. With over a decade of experience working with the biggest outdoor and adventure events in the country, Terence is well-equipped to lead the event to new heights.

"I’ve been obsessed with the idea of Karkloof since my first discussions with Jack in early 2017. Since then, together with Jack & Michelle Davis and Lauren & Andrew Booth, we’ve created and achieved some pretty unique things. The Karkloof Trail Series is a special event that offers a fast and challenging course with beautiful scenery, " said Terence. "I'm excited to build on the event's strengths and get stuck in where it's required. We aim to improve communication all-round, build on the spectator experience, and introduce new and unique media platforms never seen before."

The event has grown in attendance continuously since 2017, and its runnability and ease of access for support with characteristic aid stations every 10 miles or 16km make it a popular choice for new and seasoned trail runners. TrailLab sold its share of the event to KZNTR in late 2021.

"The Karkloof has been my second home since high school days, so the opportunity to create something alongside close friends, Jack & Michelle, to showcase the area to the trail running community marks a very significant and special period in my career and life," said Andrew Booth, founder of KZN Trail Running. “We're thrilled to see the Karkloof Trail Series continue to grow under Terence's leadership. The event is an important fixture in the trail running calendar, and we're excited to see what the future holds for what is one of our greatest achievements thus far."

Jack Davis, a founder of TrailLab, echoed Booth's sentiments. "The Karkloof 100 journey has gifted me with a cherished community, changed my life in unimaginable ways, and helped me grow as a person. None of this would have been possible without each and every one of you - the vibrant community, the dedicated runners, the enthusiastic supporters, and the selfless volunteers," he said. "Terence holds a deep respect for the race, understanding the core values and foundations upon which it was built. His unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with a strong respect for history and tradition, makes him the ideal person to take over the race."

For runners already entered, they can expect everything they signed up for and more! Andrew & Terence are working closely during this transition period and participants can expect the traditional Karkloof experience, paired with new energy and exciting innovations. More information will be communicated over the coming days both personally and via social media.

For more information about the Karkloof Trail Series, visit

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