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Kloofing Christmas Party!

#Teamadventurelife took a Friday off! It might have only been three days before Halloween, but who says you must save a company Christmas party till December?

With our entire team gearing up for a very busy and exciting November and the rains closing in for our standard summer showers, it was the perfect opportunity to head to the beloved Magaliesberg for a day of kloofing!

If you haven’t tried kloofing before, go and try it now!! Stop reading this and get some mates and head out! (Please don’t stop reading, stay! Thank you for being here).

It was such a treat to be able to experience the kloofs completely alone! Being an adventure team with two professional athletes in it, running in just seemed like the most logical start. I dabble in running myself, but I cannot deny that I was not expecting a speedy entry! Once you reach the gully and start getting the gear ready, the psyche does take over.

Our chosen path was the Candelabra Gully which includes a few epic abseils, We then dropped into Grootkloof which has bum slides, and some wading through not-so-warm water and a massive 20m abseil next to a waterfall. With the recent rains, there was more swimming than anticipated but it levelled up the pretty awesome experience.

I personally, hadn’t been kloofing since pre-COVID, so I was extremely eager to get my harness on and Mission Impossible my way down the valley. I’m not one for really cold water but the vibe was too good to focus on water temperatures, plus we had decided to run in which resulted in me being slightly keener for cold water than usual.

Our 'Head of Production' is a great cameraman, he almost slipped on a rock the moment the camera was turned on him and our other production team member almost lost gear at the top of an abseil. Own leader himself may have taken a stumble with only one witness, not on camera. I turned into a bad opera singer when I had to swim across the water.

There were so many laughs and silly antics, and the banter was on point for the adventurous Friday morning. Don’t worry, we checked our gear and made sure everyone was safe, but when you get the chance to be out in the mountains, which is for many of us a place of pure bliss, you can’t leave without attempting some daring activities.

After the infamous abseil next to the waterfall and the breezy swim to dry land, the boys could not leave without jumping back in the water from a height that was almost the same as the abseil. Daring, I know!

Of course, we had to finish the way we started…we ran out, drying off in the process to get to the nearest restaurant for a beer and burger!

What a morning! I hope this can be a Christmas party inspiration for many people. Black Tie is not recommended!

If you are interested in kloofing

Stay tuned for more.

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