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Mont-Aux Sources Trail - Image Feature

Our favourite top 10 images from the WildSeries Mont-Aux Sources Trail Run hostes by Wildlands in the Drakensberg.

^ Runners make their way up a long a series of contour paths to the first water point at Witieshoek Mountain Lodge.

^ Unknown the runners unpredictable weather waited everyone as they slowly trekker higher and higher.

^ Rolling clouds and incredible scenery made the long road to the bottom of Sentinal very interesting.

^ The toughest of all climbs was blessed with a little snow.

^ Once at the top, participants ran about 2km at 3000m. A feat suited for no man.

^ Sentinal gully is the only way down, tough enough in good conditions, treacherous in bad weather.

^ Sentinal gully is dangerous as is, doing it in Luna Sandal is just madness.

^ Sue Don-Wauchope shows a little flair as she takes a corner on her way down to 1st place.

^ Going down may seem easier, but it's often the knee breaker. Strong legs are needed for the last few km.

^ As you decend, the scenery changes, the green shrubbery motivates the mind and soul. GO!

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