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Kinetic Adventure 25km

​​Today, Marks Park hosted the annual ‘Urban’ Kinetic Adventure 25km. 120+ Team of 2 gathered to take on the 3rd Kinetic Adventure in the 5 part series. The race started under a blanket of clouds providing ample protection from the sun and ideal fast –paced racing conditions. Teams raced around Marks Park for the first Trek (Hike) including jumping into an empty pool. They then hopped on their bikes for the only MTB Cycle for the day. Everyone rushed through Emmarentia scouting under ivy, on trees, behind stop signs, just about anywhere under the sun for specific check points. As the morning progressed the sun slowly peaked through clouds to provide a dramatic backdrop to every race photo.

​​As this race has an urban twist, runner raced along streets as opposed to trail, ramped bumps instead of tree roots and paddled a local dam. In addition, participants had a fast tour of the local fire station as they hustled up stairs and down the longest of fire poles.

​​​Off the bikes and onto the final Trek, teams had to only find 2 points before they were shipped into Kayaks for a short 1km long paddle at the home of Dabulamnzi Canoe Club. The last bit of the run was situated along parts of the ‘Spruit’ before heading back to Mars Park. Check Points could be found on pylons, in river beds and on hand made bridges.

Following tradition of sorts, participants had to complete the inflatable 3 part obstacle course just to empty the energy levels.

Thank you to Trappers Outdoor, #Merida, #MorningsideCycles and Wintec Solutions (#Runtastic) for your support.

Images: © Adventure Life SA

For more images, Check out the Kinetic Gear Page.

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