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Dusty talk National Downhill Series


Picture: Michael Allan

AL: What made you choose to participate in the KZN and National Series?

Dusty: The more I ride the more fun i get to have, with the added benefit of sharpening my skills. KZN also has some big tracks, the bigger the better.

AL: What were your goals for the National Downhill series?

Dusty: I wanted an injury free season first of all. I had initially set the goal to compete in all 4 national races this season and hoping to finish in the top 5.

AL: Are you happy with your overall National series placing?

Dusty: I am indeed happy with my overall placing this season even though I had some bad luck in two of my races. It's an improvement to my previous seasons.( placed 9th overall).

AL: Favourite jump at Cascades?

Dusty: Favourite jump is always a tricky question. ..I have many but there are two that stand out the most and they are Dr Evil and Jugs big one on the world cup track in Pietermaritzburg.

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Dustin Rudman flies over 'Dr.Evil'. ©Adventure Life SA

AL: Plans for the off season?

Dusty: My plans for the off season are to spend as much time as possible on both my trail bike and downhill bike. I intend to spend most of this time down in Natal. Awesome riding there!! I also have a personal project in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

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