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Kinetic Events

Kinetic Gear, now known as Kinetic Events is making a big effort to grow Adventure Racing in RSA. Their most recent two events are proof in the pudding.

The first, almost a month ago, was a ‘Full Moon’ 120km AR designed for the beginners in mind who think they are ready to take on longer races. The challenge themed race is organised like any typical adventure race but features an easier to navigate course with friendlier legs (different section in the course) making it generally more popular for those who aren’t quite ready to suffer through longer nights and tougher conditions.

The Full Moon consists of a ‘short’ 120km course that included kayaking, trekking and mountain biking split 20%, 20% and 60% respectively. In fact, the course is designed so, if you can hike 20km and ride 60km, you should be able to finish the challenge. With basic navigation skills thought in high school and the guts to take it on, you can also call yourself an adventure racer.

After the 25km Kinetic Adventure, the 120km Full Moon is the next challenge you must take on. Thereafter, you can take another 6 month to prepare for the ‘Double Moon’, a 250km AR and then 3 months later a 500km AR called Expedition Africa.

The full Kinetic Events line up is well planned over the year with the bulk of their events in summer to make life a little more bearable. You can start training in January and take on 3 Kinetic Adventures’ (25km). Once accustomed to those, you move onto a Full Moon (120km) in August and October. Once the AR fever has bitten there is a Double Moon (250km) in February/March and then finally Expedition Africa in May/June – all in time to rest and start it again in August.

Kinetic Events most recent arrow in the quiver, the Multisport Challenge, is just another step in the well design ladder to god-like endurance level fitness. The Multisport Challenge is a 30km AR disguised in a standard multisport format with no navigation. The custom route also features kayaking, trekking and mountain biking and can be done as singles or in pairs on a laid out/ marked course.

The first Multisport Challenge took place on the 20th September and was sold out.

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